About Rachel Mixon

Born and raised in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Rachel  has been a resident of southeastern Wisconsin for nearly all of her life. She graduated from Cedarburg High School and went on to Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI, where she earned her BA and her education degree.

Rachel married in 1997, and she and her husband Dave and their son Luke have made their home in Hartford, WI. They have lived in the city for 14 years and are involved in the community and their church, Wellspring Community Church.

Rachel currently serves as an Alderperson for the Hartford Common Council, a position she has held for six years. As an alderperson, Rachel has served on the Utility Committee and the Hartford Community Development Authority Committee. She is the chairperson of the Public Works Committee and the liaison to the Police and Fire Commission. She is ready to bring all of her municipal government experience to Madison as the 59th District State Assembly Representative.

As a teacher for over 20 years, Rachel has extensive experience in all aspects of education. The passion she brings into the classroom stems from a deep desire to educate students with the understanding that they are the future. What they learn and how they learn matters to all of us.

It is Rachel’s desire to take these experiences to Madison and work to make Wisconsin schools safe places of real learning. Rachel also wants state and local governments to work closely to make the best decisions for the greatest number of Wisconsin residents. She also strongly believes in helping the vibrant agriculture businesses of Wisconsin to continue to be able to be successful.

Core Strengths

  • Conservative

    Rachel Mixon is a pro-liberty, pro-life, and pro-second amendment conservative.

  • Honest

    Rachel Mixon has the honesty, integrity, and character that the 59th District wants and needs. As a teacher & alderperson, she has proven herself to be an honest leader. Rachel and her family attend Wellspring Community Church.

  • Dedicated

    Rachel Mixon is dedicated to helping the 59th district. Rachel is a resident & homeowner in the district, a veteran teacher with over 20years of experience, and has been married to her husband Dave for 21years.

  • Education Reform

    As an educator for over 20years, Rachel Mixon’s experience is invaluable in addressing necessary education reform & school safety. Rachel is committed to finding and implementing security measures, fighting to give students more face time with their teachers and reduce the bureaucracy in our schools.

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