Why I Back the Badge

It is hard to wrap our minds around dreadful and senseless acts. It is with limited human understanding that we deal with the tragedy of the loss of a law enforcement officer at the hands of a cold-blooded murderer. I did not know MPD Officer Michael Michalski, but I do know many other officers. I have spent time with them, I have ridden along with them, and I have learned from them. We are flawed beings, and these officers are asked to deal with that humanity every day. When we expect order and not chaos or when we quote the phrase “ensure domestic tranquility,” we are relying on the courage of these individuals to make it happen. Their commitment to my safety weighs most heavily on me when I hear the news of a fallen officer. It makes me angry that someone would not only take another’s life, but also put the greater community at risk by attacking those who protect us. I have great appreciation for those in law enforcement who daily take on the tasks that I take for granted. I am sorry we lost an officer in such a horrific manner. As Officer Michalski is laid to rest tomorrow, let us all remember why we need to back the badge.