Why I Back the Badge

It is hard to wrap our minds around dreadful and senseless acts. It is with limited human understanding that we deal with the tragedy of the loss of a law enforcement officer at the hands of a cold-blooded murderer. I did not know MPD Officer Michael Michalski, but I do know many other officers. I have spent time with them, I have ridden along with them, and I have learned from them. We are flawed beings, and these officers are asked to deal with that humanity every day. When we expect order and not chaos or when we quote the phrase “ensure domestic tranquility,” we are relying on the courage of these individuals to make it happen. Their commitment to my safety weighs most heavily on me when I hear the news of a fallen officer. It makes me angry that someone would not only take another’s life, but also put the greater community at risk by attacking those who protect us. I have great appreciation for those in law enforcement who daily take on the tasks that I take for granted. I am sorry we lost an officer in such a horrific manner. As Officer Michalski is laid to rest tomorrow, let us all remember why we need to back the badge.

Farm Bureau Endorsement

MADISON – Rachel Mixon of Hartford has been endorsed by the Volunteers for Agriculture® Committee for the 59th State Assembly District. The VFA is the political action arm of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.

“Rachel was incredibly engaging with our interview committee and has a breadth of knowledge on the issues impacting the 59th Assembly District that makes her a strong candidate,” said Rob Richard, WFBF’s Senior Director of Governmental Relations. “Our committee of local Farm Bureau members endorsed Rachel because she is driven to learn, passionate about solving tough issues and has the personality that will make her an effective legislator on rural issues at the Capitol.”

The 59th Assembly District consists of portions of Calumet, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan and Washington counties. Mixon is a Republican seeking candidacy in the August 14 primary election.

The Volunteers for Agriculture® Committee is comprised of 18 farmers from across the state and was formed to give farmers a more direct role in electing leaders who best represent agriculture’s interests.

Wisconsin Family Action Endorsement

Rachel Mixon, candidate for the State Assembly for the 59th District, earned the endorsement of Wisconsin Family Action. “In your race, we have not endorsed any other candidate.”

Wisconsin Family Action is pro-life, pro-liberty, and pro-family. Julaine Appling of WFA writes, “Wisconsin Family Action PAC (WFA PAC) is pleased to inform you that we have endorsed your 2018 candidacy for Assembly District 59.  It is always encouraging to find candidates supportive of marriage, family, life and religious liberty and who are running campaigns designed and actually conducted to win.  Good pro-family, pro-life, pro-liberty candidates need to win so that together we can advance public policy that respects and encourages the independence of the traditional family unit, Wisconsin’s best natural resource.”


Pro Life WI Endorsement

Rachel Mixon, candidate for the 59th District State Assembly, has earned the Pro-Life Wisconsin endorsement. Matt Sande, Director of the Victory Fund PAC, writes, “Thank you for your recognition of the personhood of the preborn baby and for your principled and compassionate no-exceptions pro-life position. Your commitment to protect all innocent human beings from the moment of conception makes you an excellent choice for pro-life voters in the upcoming primary and general elections.”


Response to Jesse Kremer GOP Thoughts

Press Release for Immediate Release
Contact: Rachel Mixon

Hartford, WI — I have read Rep Jesse Kremer’s press release from yesterday and share his concerns. Although I have not yet been elected to the State Assembly, I have seen the nationally elected Republicans go soft at a critical time in this election cycle. They are losing ground to the minority party because they are not doing what they promised they would do once they were elected. Now they expect to get re-elected because they have lost their spine much like the state party is doing right now, especially when it comes to the school safety issue. They expect to get re-elected based on what they did 8 years ago. The Governor must not fall into that trap either. The old adage “what have you done for us lately” applies more than ever.
The best way to prevent the carnage that more recently occurred in Parkland, FL and to prevent most of the previous incidents is to have an armed police officer in the school building, an officer that is experienced and that has received special training to be able to deal with school shooting incidences. The largest school district in the 59th is Hartford Union High School and Hartford Jt1, which is where I live.

This district is pro-active with a school safety program that has already spent over $150,000 on each school to prevent non-students from entering the buildings. This was just done recently and was accomplished within their current budgets without raising taxes to complete. It remains uncertain if the Governor’s Special Session legislation will allow grant money to be used retroactively to pay for this construction. The cost of an additional police officer to supplement the police liaison officer will cost about another $120,000 per year to staff including salary, benefits and equipment.

Wisconsin is a local control state. The school boards, with input from the community, will decide what kind of security measures will work best for their districts. A ‘one size fits all’ approach from the State or Federal Governments will not work. Block grant money from either would help the situation but no strings should be attached. No permanent state bureaucracy needs to be created, no excessive paperwork or inspection wanted.

I am a pro-life candidate and if we can’t pass legislation that addresses the baby parts issue, we must fight harder. We can’t let the medical industry encourage abortions by putting a price tag on baby parts. We can’t continue to allow the researchers to dictate policy that has not proven to be of value.

If Rep Jesse Kremer’s experiences have caused him to go back to the private sector, I can understand that. He doesn’t want to drink any more of the Madison water and become part of the swamp. He is a principled person who has been shown by the issues and bill proposals he has offered. His experience will be a quick learn for me as I prepare to position myself to deal with the swamp dwellers. I do not want to allow this party to fall into the abyss and force me to be a representative from a conservative district that has drifted into the minority. I am a fighter and I don’t give up easily. That is my promise to you!

Mixon to run for 59th Assembly Seat

Press Release for Immediate Release Contact:
Rachel Mixon

Hartford, WI — Rachel Mixon announced at the Washington County Republican Lincoln Day Lunch on Sunday that she is running for the 59th Assembly seat. Jesse Kremer, the current State Representative, said he will not seek a 3rd term. Mixon, a current alderperson on the City of Hartford’s Common Council where she chairs the Public Works Committee, was born in Cedarburg and has lived in SE Wisconsin virtually her entire life. Mixon also serves on the Strategic Plan Team for Hartford Union High School assisting in setting Smart Goals for the administration and faculty.

Education is a passion for Mixon that she lives every day as a department chair at Brookfield Academy where she has been a teacher for the past 21 years. She and her husband, Dave, have a son in high school. Mixon is looking to put her experience in government, along with her passion for serving others, to work for the citizens of Assembly District 59. Her strong support for pro-life coupled with her firm belief in gun rights places Mixon in line with district voters. Mixon is sincerely looking forward to meeting as many people as possible as she begins knocking doors in Calumet, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, and Washington counties.